Doghead Division

Doghead Division (formerly known as “Cult of the Doghead”) is a group based primarily in Texas. It bills itself as a network of veterans, first responders, and reformed criminals working towards self-improvement. This itself is an amiable goal, but something more sinister lies beneath the surface. The group is closely tied to Operation Werewolf (OPWW), a pagan neo-fascist group operating across America. All of the members of Doghead Division we identify in this article are also members of OPWW.

Operation Werewolf acts as a feeder group for the Wolves of Vinland, a white supremacist cult based in Lynchburg, Virginia.  OPWW’s name is a reference to a Nazi military plan orchestrated by Heinrich Himmler. The group has a reputation for extreme violence. They gained notoriety after one of their members, Maurice “Hjalti” Michaely was convicted of burning down a historic Black church. Just this summer, another OPWW member, Richard Bowman II, was exposed after coordinating violence at far-right demonstrations right here in Oregon.

More information about Operation Werewolf and the Wolves of Vinland can be found in this article by our friends at Rose City Antifa.

Doghead Division’s online presence is equal parts self-help blog and fascist radicalizing tool. The articles alternate between sanctimonious parables about self-improvement, and gratuitous fetishization of violent masculinity. They combine this with violent imagery and fascist symbolism.  The group’s blood-spattered aesthetic closely resembles that of “siegepilled” Nazi terrorist groups. We’ve juxtaposed examples of both below:

Doghead Division

Siegepill Propaganda

Using self-help techniques to radicalize and recruit has long been a tactic employed by fascists and the far-right. They target vulnerable and disaffected people with the intent to bring them into their movements. Operation Werewolf is practically built on this idea. The group lures alienated men with promises of community and self improvement, but ends up taking their time and money in a constant cycle of grift.

Like Operation Werewolf, Doghead Division’s beliefs are esoteric in nature. The group’s main premise is based around the idea of  Cynocephali or “Dog Heads.” Many cultures throughout history have had dog headed mythological figures (Anubis, St. Christopher, etc.). DHD believes that these figures are real, and can be tapped into by following their teachings. From the group’s website:

The cynocephali, the berserker, and the Dog Heads are not a myth. Though they go by different names in history, they are all too real. They are the werewolf that stirs in the heart of man. Those ancient tales represent what is possible through tapping into that primordial energy within the self and the Self. […] This is what we want to instill in you. We want you tap into that primal dog and summon him at will through mastery; through control.

In addition to their self help and spiritual content, Doghead Division dabbles in providing “tactical” advice to their readers. This advice is almost entirely foolish. Perhaps the most amusing instance of this is their harebrained article on opsec, which the group’s leader, Nolan Annett, ironically posted to an unlocked Facebook page that features his real name and employment information… smh.

Despite their obvious incompetence, Doghead Division provides a legitimate threat. The group is particularly concerning because of the way it actively attempts to radicalize veterans. This is a common tactic used by far-right extremists who want to bring people with combat experience into their ranks for a coming race war. The connection between neo-Nazis and military veterans is deeply explored in Bring The War Home by Kathleen Belew.

Nolan Annett:

Nolan Annett is the “brains” behind Doghead Division. He’s equal parts self-aggrandizing troop guy and Nazi occultist. Under the name “Cyno” he writes most of the articles on the group’s site. He is an infantry veteran and is currently employed as a paramedic. Nolan is a member of Operation Werewolf. He can be seen here posing at Ulfheim, the group’s headquarters. Several times a year, members get together there to listen to NSBM(National Socialist Black Metal), beat each other up, and preform goofy esoteric rituals.

Nolan’s personal spirituality is pretty disjointed. He discusses preforming norse pagan rituals, but also litters his writing with Bible quotes. In one post on his Instagram, Nolan even refers to Charles Manson as a prophet. In addition to coordinating his infamous murder spree, Manson notably attempted to incite a race war he called “Helter Skelter”. For this reason, in recent years, he has become a popular figure within neo-Nazi terrorist circles.

Nolan is currently employed as a paramedic with Texas Vital Care EMS. He also teaches classes at The Gym in Paris, Tx. Please contact both of these businesses at the links above, and ask why they’re employing a Manson-worshiping fascist.

EDIT: We have been contacted by the good folks at The Gym. They’ve let us know that Nolan was never officially employed there, and only worked as a guest instructor. They disprove of his conduct, and will not be working with him in the future.

Sean Tahtinen:

Sean Tahtinen is a longtime NSBM musician who goes by the name, “Verwulf Tyrant”. He is a member of Operation Werewolf, and is primarily responsible for Doghead Division’s artwork, which he produces under the name, “#978607”. Sean has a long history of extreme violence. In 2015, he broke into a woman’s home and threatened to murder her. According to the Muncie Star Tribune, he has previously been convicted of battery, battery resulting in bodily injury, burglary, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, and  intimidation. He is currently awaiting trial after pulling a gun on a man in Muncie, Indiana during a parking dispute.

Sean’s latest mugshot

Sean is associated with Donnybrook Farms and the Militant Ruralism movement, which we have previously profiled on this site. Militant Ruralism is an emerging white nationalist tendency that focuses on building heavily-armed compounds in order to control rural areas. In this Instagram post, he declares support for Donnybrook Farms and Wandervogel (another OPWW associated group).

Sean and his partner, Kandace Robinson,  are the primary organizers behind Black Sun Sect, a Rural Militant Farm in Pueblo, Colorado (more coming soon  ;P ).Kandace RobinsonBlack Sun Sect

More on Sean’s ties to white supremacists in the PNW can be found in this article by Eugene Antifa.

Steve Bitzko:

Steven Bitzko aka “Bitzkreig” is a CIFSO Police Officer with the Department of Homeland Security in Fort Worth, TX. He is a former paratrooper, and has been employed by military contractors like Dynacorp and Franco Consulting Group.

Steven is a member of Operation Werewolf. Here, he can be seen wearing an OPWW shirt while posing with Zak Wylde and Black Label Society (cringe lol). He also posts the writings of OPWW’s leader, Paul Waggener, on social media.

Steven has also suggested potential involvement in the Boogaloo movement. The Boogaloo is a right-wing extremest movement dedicated to starting a second civil war. It’s adherents have been responsible for several murders and other acts of terrorism in 2020.  In this Instagram story, Steve suggests that he needs a civil war.

It is unsurprising to us that a DHS employee is involved in fascist organizing. Since its inception, the agency has been tasked with enforcing structural white supremacy. Through its various agencies, DHS has been responsible for constant violence towards marginalized people. In the last several years, the agency has issued straight up neo-Nazi dog whistles in their press releases. The fact that they employ fascist organizers is just more proof of the department’s total and complete corruption.


It is important to recognize the connections between America’s military and the modern neo-Nazi movement. Frequently, the individuals responsible for exporting imperialism abroad come home to engage in authoritarian and fascist activity at home. These violences are intimately  linked, and must be stopped at all costs.

More details about the individuals in this article can be found HERE.

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