Vanguard’s “DualKoonDog” Outfoxed

Kristopher Chase Koon, aka “Fox Tx”, Chase Koon, and “DualKoonDog”, is a Nazi organizer and podcaster from Sulphur Springs, Texas. He has been affiliated with Vanguard America and was a founding member of the National Socialist Legion. Professionally, he has been associated with Koon Jersey Farm in Brashear, Texas.

Kristopher Chase Koon was a young and enthusiastic recruit to Vanguard America, a group that organized the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, VA. The Unite the Right rally resulted in a vehicular assault by Vanguard member James Fields which injured marchers and took the life of Heather Heyer. Koon became a prominent member of the “Southern Front” Discord channel, uploading numerous photos of Nazi propaganda posters he placed in town squares and college campuses across Northeast Texas and the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Kristopher Chase Koon covered Texas Woman’s University with Nazi propaganda flyers

Kristopher Chase Koon talked on Discord about life on his family’s dairy farm, Jersey cows, and judging livestock competitions. Koon wrote that his family moved to Texas from Mississippi in 1865 after their slaves were liberated and that their dairy (Koon Jersey Farm) was founded in 1932.

The Koon family moved to Texas when their slaves were liberated
Kristopher Koon was raised to believe that ‘race mixing’ is evil.

He indicated that his father is not unsympathetic to his racist views, but expressed intense hatred for his “cuck” brother.

DualKoonDog made numerous appearances and eventually served as a cohost of Nazi podcast “Illusion of Sanity”, a Texas based project run by Brandon Langham. Langham had been charged with rape and made numerous posts supportive of pedophilia.

Kristopher “Fox” Koon was a co-host on Nazi podcast “Illusion of Sanity”

Kristopher Chase Koon has not been definitively linked to any specific attacks but he is known to have scoped out a gay bar in Denton called Mabel Peabody’s in the summer of 2017. It is unclear whether this was in preparation for a never-launched massacre or done for reasons of personal curiosity.

After the scale of the Unite The Right disaster became clear many Vanguard members fled the group and joined a splinter formation called Patriot Front. Chase Koon was obviously unhappy with Patriot Front’s star-spangled aesthetic and remained behind in a much depleted Vanguard, still led by “Commander” Dillon Hopper (Dillon Irizarry).

Kristopher Chase Koon poses with William Fears and William Howard Richardson

For unclear reasons, perhaps due to inactivity and leadership too occupied with legal troubles to function, Kristopher “Fox” Koon parted ways with Vanguard to help found a new, even more extreme, organization called the National Socialist Legion.

The National Socialist Legion, or NSL, primarily engaged in propaganda distribution in about eight states, including Indiana, Florida, and North Carolina. Among their required readings was SIEGE by Nazi pedophile James Mason, and their public presence was limited to the sparsely attended “Unite The Right 2” in Washington, D.C.

Despite being a founder of the NSL, Fox soon found himself in ideological and organizational disputes with other members. In July 2018 Koon was ejected from the NSL when he vetted a new recruit alleged to have been an infiltrator. Clayton Andrew Hodge of Sale Creek, Tennessee took over the NSL along with his girlfriend, Katelyn Martin, who posted on Discord as “Kitkat”. The remaining leadership accused Kristopher Koon of being a “gay communist” bent on sabotaging the Nazi movement.

It is unclear whether Kristopher Chase Koon is still an active Nazi organizer, or is attempting to settle into some semblance of a “normal” life after failing out of politics. Unfortunately for Koon and all others like him, our struggle is a lifetime commitment and we do not grant Fascists the privilege of slipping into obscurity without consequence.

If you see Kristopher Chase Koon in Sulphur Springs, Brashear, or the wider Northeast Texas region, let him know how you feel about Nazis who participated in the murder of Heather Heyer… and pass along a message to the TORCH NETWORK.