Paul Michael Gancarz

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  • DOB: September 2, 1989
  • Height: 6 feet, Weight: 250lbs, Eye Color: Blue, Hair: Red
  • Patriot Front Network Director, former Proud Boy
  • AKA “Samuel” AKA “Ganz” AKA “DeltaGanz”
  • Lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia, but is originally from NYC and returns often.
  • Works as a Professional Engineer for the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel Expansion Project in Virginia
  • Drives a 2020 Chevy SUV, VKX 5434 (VA); 2018 Honda Accord HXZ 7766 (NY)
Meet Paul Gancarz, Patriot Front Network Director for Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, and Delaware. Paul attended Unite the Right in Charlottesville as a Proud Boy; was involved in scrawling swastika graffiti in Greenpoint, Brooklyn; and was a previous Network Director for New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Among other things…

*1/25/22 Update* – Gancarz’s BJJ gym membership has been terminated. This article originally indicated a gym Gancarz had used to register for competition, but was not his home gym. This has been corrected, and specific contact information has been removed out of respect for gym owners who have taken appropriate action


Paul Michael Gancarz is a fascist and Patriot Front’s Network Director for the region covering Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, and Delaware. He currently lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia, but is originally from New York City where he has strong ties to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and Forest Hills, Queens. As a member of Patriot Front, Gancarz is very active in the group’s propaganda campaigns in both New York and Virginia where he is responsible for much of the Patriot Front stickers, posters, and stencils reported in these areas. In his role as a Patriot Front Network Director, Paul would have been directly involved or consulted on high-profile vandalism in his network, such as the defacement of the Arthur Ashe mural in Richmond, Virginia. As the host for Patriot Front marches in Washington DC on January 29th, 2021 and more recently on December 4th, 2021, he would have had a large role in the organizing and staging of these fascist spectacles (and any U-haul mishaps that may have occurred). 

Paul Gancarz’s involvement in Far Right politics also goes well beyond Patriot Front. On August 12, 2017 he attended the deadly white nationalist Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia as a Proud Boy and has maintained strong connections to the group over the years. In December 2019, Paul and Proud Boy member Simon Ming Yui Lee (AKA Simon “Lee Greenwood”) scrawled swastikas outside of a Greenpoint, Brooklyn restaurant. Gancarz also helps distribute a variety of fascist and far right propaganda, notably those for white nationalist Robert Rundo’s groups, Rise Above Movement (RAM) and Will2Rise (W2R). His work as an engineer provides him the opportunity to travel around the United States, network with different fascists, and spread fascist/white nationalist propaganda and ideas. He currently works for the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel Expansion Project in the Virginia Beach/Norfolk, Virginia area. 


Paul Michael Gancarz was connected to Patriot Front after receiving a tip that linked a black Honda Accord to his Patriot Front alter-ego, Samuel. During the course of the investigation into the owner of that vehicle, it was discovered that Paul was also deeply connected to the Proud Boys and attended the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville as a Proud Boy. Paul Gancarz is now being exposed as a Network Director in the Patriot Front organization and one of the original members of the Proud Boys.

Paul was born on September 2nd and is 33 years old. He is from New York City and the license plate information along with various public records confirms that he owns an apartment in Forest Hills, Queens. Public records also connect Gancarz to his mom’s apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Paul frequently uses his mother’s address for official purposes, such as when he got himself arrested or when he donated to Donald Trump’s presidential election campaign in 2016 (and 2018!) 

Public records searches confirmed the Forest Hills, Queens address for Paul Gancarz that was associated with the NY license plate for his black Honda Accord seen at a Patriot Front meetup.
Paul Gancarz made donations to the Trump Make America Great Again Committee in 2016 and 2018. The listings helpfully corroborate his address in Greenpoint, Brooklyn as well as several of his former employers.

Although Paul is originally from NYC, monitoring connected him to an address in Virginia. After obtaining a copy of a traffic summons that he received in March 2021, the Virginia address was confirmed and he is currently living in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The speeding ticket also updated what was known about the vehicles Paul drives. In addition to the black Honda Accord, it now appears he drives a 2020 Chevy SUV that has Virginia plates. The Virginia speeding ticket matches the date-of-birth associated with the NY license plate as well as the Virginia arrest record. It also helpfully provides pedigree info–Paul is 6 feet tall, weighs 250 pounds, and he has blue eyes and red hair. Despite this move to Virginia Beach, Paul still comes back to NYC to visit family, as is documented on his mom’s Facebook page.

Paul Gancarz’s March 2021 speeding ticket confirmed his address in Virginia Beach, Virginia and indicates he now drives a 2020 Chevy SUV. The ticket confirms the date of birth found on the Virginia arrest record and from the NY license plate.
Paul Gancarz didn’t spend Thanksgiving in Virginia in 2021. Instead he went home to Greenpoint, Brooklyn to visit with family. Hi Paulie! 👋

Proud Boys

Paul Gancarz as a Proud Boy at Unite the Right in Charlottesville 2017 and Proud Boy meet-ups in 2018 and 2017. Photo on the right is given for comparison.

The NYC Proud Boys formed sometime in mid-2016 and Paul Gancarz was involved with the group since at least the fall of 2016. Paul was recognized as a NYC Proud Boy after comparing photos on his mother’s Facebook page to those from various Proud Boy meet-ups. He maintains ties with members and former members, especially Proud Boys who are outright fascists or in the language of 2017, ‘alt-right.’ 

On Venmo, Paul Gancarz went by “Paul Ganz” (@deltaganz) and his transaction history shows that he was involved in the Proud Boys since at least November 2016. In this transaction he paid Salvatore Cipolla, an original Proud Boy (and now straight up Nazi), money for a Proud Boy meet-up in NYC.

Paul Gancarz is seen at a Proud Boy meet up in 2017. His appearance and blue tinted glasses match a photo of him found on Facebook. 

The core tenets of the Proud Boys are so-called ‘western chauvinism’ (a nasty admixture of ultranationalism and opposition to multiculturalism), toxic masculinity, and extreme violence. The first Proud Boys chapter in NYC would read out loud from (dead) Far Right bigot, Pat Buchannan’s, book, Death of the West, which is essentially a precursor to the white supremacist conspiracy theory of ‘The Great Replacement.’ The short version of this conspiracy theory is encapsulated in the “You will not replace us!” chant from white supremacists marching in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017.

Proud Boy violence has been a part of the group since the beginning, and Proud Boys have been involved in numerous violent assaults around the United States. In NYC, the most serious instance occurred in October 2018, when dozens of Proud Boys brutally assaulted several antifascist counter-protesters after watching Proud Boy leader Gavin McInnes reenact the execution of a Japanese socialist at the Metropolitan Republican Club. 

Venmo data provided the aliases Paul has used with the Proud Boys. He went by “Paul Ganz” (@deltaganz) on Venmo and the earliest transaction on record shows him paying then-Proud Boy and current Nazi Salvatore Cipolla for a NYC meet-up in November 2016. A 2018 payment request from Paul’s sister for mobile phone charges gave confirmation that “Paul Ganz” is Paul Gancarz. These 2018 Venmo transactions also show Paul liked to attend national Proud Boy gatherings such as those in Vegas and New Orleans. In one of these transactions, Paul signed a comment to Heath Hair, a Proud Boy “Elder” in Georgia, as “Delta Ganz.”  

Paul’s Venmo history shows that he collected money for NY Proud Boys after their October 2018 arrests for viciously assaulting people outside of the Metropolitan Republican Club. In one transaction, Paul sent money to Douglas Lennan, and in another, he sent money for John Kinsman, which was evidently being collected by Gavin McInnes. Paul has changed his account name several times (it is currently called “delta G”) and he has deleted his public transaction history. 

2018 Venmo transaction between Paul Gancarz (“Paul Ganz”) and his sister, whose last name is Gancarz. This recorded payment request is confirmation that “Paul Ganz” is Paul Gancarz.
2018 Venmo transactions between Paul Gancarz (“Paul Ganz”) and other Proud Boys for a Vegas Proud Boy meet-up in September 2018.

2018 Venmo transaction between Paul Gancarz (“Paul Ganz”) and Georgia Proud Boy “Elder” Heath Hair. The transaction comment, “bourbon….street,” indicates this was likely a pre-payment for attending the Proud Boys New Orleans meet-up in October 2018. Paul signs as “Delta Ganz.”

October 2018 Venmo transactions between Paul Gancarz (“Paul Ganz”) and other Proud Boys for “Big Jay” (John Kinsman), seen sieg heiling in the photo, and “Doug” (Doug Lennan), attacking someone on the ground. Both were arrested for assaulting counter-protestors outside the Metropolitan Club one week earlier.

After finding Paul’s alias, “Delta Ganz,” on Venmo, it popped up many more times. On Facebook, it appeared in a scrape of individuals “interested” in attending the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12, 2017. The Proud Boys are implicated in the violence and death that occured in Charlottesville that day. In the run-up to the deadly rally, Proud Boys released an “official” statement in late June 2017 that said, “if a [Proud Boys] chapter or an individual Proud Boy feels compelled to go, we encourage him to do so.” The Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights (FOAK), the so-called “military wing” of the Proud Boys, announced they would attend Unite the Right and one of the FOAK’s leaders, Augustus Invictus, was a listed rally speaker. Proud Boy/FOAK associate Alex Ramos received a six year prison sentence for his part in the brutal beating of Deandre Harris. Proud Boy Jason Kessler was the main organizer of the rally that ended in the murder of Heather Heyer. Many other Proud Boy and FOAK members attended. Paul Gancarz was one of them. He was found in the crowd of fascists leaving Emancipation Park in Charlottesville on August 12th. Paul is wearing a black and yellow Fred Perry (that has become unfortunately associated with the Proud Boys), red-tinted ski goggles, MAGA hat, and what appear to be fighting gloves.

Paul Gancarz at Unite the Right in Charlottesville on August 12th, 2017. At the time of the video, Paul was leaving Emancipation Park. He wears a typical Proud Boy uniform – black and yellow polo, ski goggles, black MAGA hat, and what appear to be fighting gloves.
Paul Gancarz (“Delta Ganz”) indicated that he was “Interested” in attending Unite the Right on the Facebook event listing. His Facebook account, delta.ganz.3, was later suspended or deleted.

Further investigation into Paul Gancarz’s activities at Unite the Right revealed that in January 2018, two individuals filed assault charges against him for an incident that occured on August 12, 2017 in Greene County, which is just north of Charlottesville, Virginia. At least one of them is a Nazi. There is a Noah Thomas Gunter in his mid-20s living in Asheboro, North Carolina, with an email beginning in “ntg_3.” This email was used to register an account with the username, “gunter1488,” which is a plain reference to the Nazi code “1488.” This string of numbers is the combination of the “14 Words,” a saying coined by David Lane, the leader of the ultraviolent, deadly white supremacist group, “The Order,” and “88” for “Heil Hitler” (H is the 8th letter of the alphabet). A photo of Noah posted on his Poshmark account (username “gunter1488”) matched with photos from his mother and girlfriend’s Facebook pages. Whatever happened in Greene County, Virginia on August 12, 2017 is unclear, although fascist-on-fascist violence is indicated. The assault charges filed against Paul Gancarz were later dropped by the Commonwealth of Virginia. 


Arrest record for Paul Gancarz found in the Virginia Judiciary Online Case Information System. Noah Thomas Gunter filed charges on January 1, 2018 in Greene County, just north of Charlottesville, for an assault that occurred on August 12, 2017, the day of the Unite the Right rally. 

Dehashed listing for an email associated with Noah Thomas Gunter beginning in “ntg_3.” This email was used to register an account with the username, “gunter1488,” and 1488 is a clear Nazi reference.
A Poshmark account with the username “gunter1488” lists the first name as “Noah”. The profile picture matches photos for Noah Thomas Gunter on Facebook.

After Unite the Right, Gavin McInnes tried to distance the Proud Boys from the political fallout of the car attack and other violence in Charlottesville. Proud Boy members who attended the rally, like Paul Gancarz, were allegedly expelled from the official group: a cynical gesture by McInnes to keep up the pretense that the group was just a ‘men’s drinking club.’ Proud Boys and their associates continued to engage in violence around the United States immediately after Unite the Right. Vicious attacks by Proud Boys occurred throughout 2018, such as in Portland, Oregon on June 30, 2018, and of course, the brutal attack in NYC at the Metropolitan Republican Club later that year. The legal fallout of the October 2018 attack in NYC–with multiple Proud Boys facing years in prison–created an image problem for McInnes and he publicly made a big show of “quitting” the group (reader, he did not quit). In the power struggle that followed, Proud Boy Enrique Tarrio became president and since Tarrio himself attended Unite the Right as FOAK, Proud Boys like Paul Gancarz were no longer ‘officially’ disavowed. 

Proud Boys were booted off of various mainstream social media platforms at the end of 2018, and the Telegram messaging app became an increasingly popular means of communicating for various Far Right groups, including Proud Boys. It was on Telegram that “Delta Ganz” made another appearance. On September 2, 2019, antifascist researcher Gwen Snyder noted that a Proud Boy called “Delta Ganz” was praising and defending Patriot Front in Enrique Tarrio’s channel, “Enrique’s house of propaganda” and the official Proud Boys channel, “RWCS–The Omega Pill.” The profile image for “Delta Ganz” was a blue eye overlayed with a Sonnenrad, or “black sun.” The Sonnenrad is widely used by Nazis, including by many fascists who attended Unite the Right, such as Patriot Front associate William Fears, who was involved in the attempted murder of counter-protesters at a Richard Spencer event in Gainesville, Florida. 

Paul Gancarz (“Delta Ganz”) praises Patriot Front on the Proud Boy Telegram chat “Enrique’s House of Propaganda”. Originally posted by researcher Gwen Snyder on Twitter.

Telegram profile photo for Paul Gancarz (“Delta Ganz”) includes a Sonnendad, a symbol used frequently by Nazis. Originally posted by researcher Gwen Snyder on Twitter.

In addition to defending and promoting Patriot Front in these 2019 screenshots, Paul Gancarz, as “Delta Ganz,” is openly bigoted, and he freely uses homophobic, racist, and ableist slurs. Paul likes to “joke” about the Holocaust and is extremely anti-semitic. In a verbal spat with another Proud Boy member, Paul says “CUAWF” (or “See You At West Fest”), which confirms that he was still attending national Proud Boy meetups known as “West Fest” in 2019/2020. 

Paul Gancarz (“Delta Ganz”) uses racial, homophobic and ableist slurs in the Proud Boys RWCS Telegram chat.  He also makes Holocaust “jokes” and is extremely anti-semitic. Originally posted by researcher Gwen Snyder on Twitter.

As a Proud Boy, Paul did not limit his overt use of fascist symbols and anti-semitism to Telegram channels. On December 22, 2019, Paul Gancarz (who has strong ties to Greenpoint, Brooklyn) and Simon Ming Yui Lee, a Proud Boy from Flushing, Queens, were seen on surveillance cameras putting up swastikas on the facade of the Acapulco Restaurant & Deli in Greenpoint. 

Paul Gancarz was seen with Proud Boy, Simon Lee, putting up swastikas on the facade of a Greenpoint, Brooklyn building in December 2019.

Patriot Front

Although Paul Gancarz attended the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville as a Proud Boy, he rubbed elbows with other Far Right groups there, such as Vanguard America and the Rise Above Movement. As these fascist groups morphed into Patriot Front and Will2Rise, respectively, Paul kept close and maintained connections to both. 

Patriot Front formed after splintering off and rebranding from Vanguard America (VA), which was one of the main organizers of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017. VA was a defendant in the civil lawsuit, Sines v. Kessler, brought by survivors of Far Right violence at Unite the Right. The civil trial began in October 2021, and after several weeks the jury found VA, along with over two dozen other defendants, liable for their role in the horrific violence that day. Patriot Front’s leader, Thomas Rousseau, was at Unite the Right with VA, and was pictured with James Fields, the fascist who murdered Heather Heyer and injured dozens of others by driving his car into a crowd of antifascist protesters.

Paul was connected to his Patriot Front alias, Samuel, after a tip which linked that name to a black Honda Accord. This tip was corroborated by comparing propaganda images by Patriot Front with known pedigree information (6” tall, 250 lbs, blue eyes, red hair), known photos of Paul Gancarz, and messages from the 2020 Torch Antifa leaks of the Patriot Front chat server.

Paul Gancarz, in khaki cargo pants, navy jacket, sunglasses, and Patriot Front cap, as “Samuel NY,” Network Director for NY, NJ, and PA. Other photos of Paul used in comparison.
A photo of Paul Gancarz (“Samuel NY”) was posted (with face redacted) in the Patriot Front chat. He is wearing a Rise Above Movement cut-off tank-top. His build and style match photos of Paul Gancarz.

Based on the Torch leaks, Paul has belonged to Patriot Front since at least early 2019 and has been active in both Patriot Front and the Proud Boys for years. However, it is likely he joined Patriot Front before 2019. The Torch leaks indicate that Paul, as Samuel NY, acted as Network Director (ND) for New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania until October 2019, after which time Kieran Morris took over as ND for the area. 

Because Paul moved to Virginia Beach, it was long suspected that he was involved in Patriot Front activism in the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC area. Researchers confirmed that Paul Gancarz is NETWORK DIRECTOR SAMUEL VIRGINIA after an antifascist infiltrator leaked audio of him melting down during a Patriot Front group call. Samuel NY and Samuel VA have the same user number within Patriot Front: PF-3564. Paul’s appointment as ND of Delaware, Washington DC, Maryland, and Virgina, also indicates some uncertainty about the status of the prior ND, Victor Staab, in the organization.

As a Network Director, Paul Gancarz manages the recruitment of members as well as their participation. He would oversee, coordinate, and collaborate in a variety of activist efforts by Patriot Front, and would be deeply involved in hosting the group’s leadership and members for larger actions in his network, such as the recent march to the US Capitol in December 2021. While the majority of the group’s so-called activism consists of littering an area with promotional stickers, Patriot Front also regularly engages in poster wheatpasting and dropping banners. Recently, however, members have begun using spray paint and stencils to deface murals across the country. In October 2021, Patriot Front defaced a mural in honor of legendary tennis player, Arthur Ashe, in Richmond, Virginia. In audio recently leaked by Atlanta Antifascists, Thomas Rousseau, the leader of Patriot Front, describes how members need to consult with Network Directors (or himself) before they deface high-profile murals or sites. Paul was likely the individual who gave the greenlight for mural defacement in Richmond, if it wasn’t his idea in the first place!

In October 2021, a mural in honor of legendary tennis player, Arthur Ashe, in Richmond, Virginia was defaced with Patriot Front stencils.

Paul targets the areas around where he lives and works–regularly hitting areas in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Hampton, Virginia. In November and December 2021, Patriot Front released a number of photos of members wheatpasting posters and hanging banners in this cluster of towns. The figure in the Adidas track pants and Will2Rise hoodie is Paul Gancarz. 

Patriot Front social media posts from November and December 2021 show an individual wearing clothing consistent with Paul Gancarz: a Will2Rise hoodie and Adidas track pants.

On November 1st, the Will2Rise Active Club Telegram, “Activism, Athletics, and Identity,” posted a photo of an individual wearing the same Adidas track pants and a discontinued W2R hoodie combination. The caption on the photo reads: “Supporter photo sent in right before he took first place in a jiu jitsu tournament.” Paul (who changed his name to read ‘Paul Goncorz’ on the tournament site) competed in the Virginia Beach BJJ Gi & Nogi Round Robin Tournament on October 30th and took first place in his weight class (-230 lbs). While Paul doesn’t always wear the W2R hoodie when targeting the area where he lives and works with fascist propaganda, he often wears the Adidas track pants with a hoodie that has a similar fit. 

A social media post from the Will2Rise “Action Club” Telegram shows an individual wearing a maroon Will2Rise hoodie with a nationalist slogan and Adidas track pants. The caption says “Supporter photo sent in right before he took first place in a jiu jitsu tournament.” On the right, is the BJJ event page corresponding to the Telegram post.
Paul Gancarz shown participating in various Patriot Front activities in Virginia.

When Paul was living in NYC, his Patriot Front activism was similar to what he is currently doing in Virginia–putting up stickers, hanging banners, and hosting Patriot Front leadership and members for larger actions. In spring of 2019, Patriot Front targeted the American Israel Public Affairs offices in NYC as part of its anti-semitic “debts of blood” campaign. Patriot Front followed the standard fascist playbook of polluting legitimate criticism of Israel or the role of lobbyists on government policy with typical anti-semitic rhetoric about “rootless mercenaries” corrupting the nation. Paul was the Network Director in NY during this time period, and he is seen walking ahead of the main group with Patriot Front leader, Thomas Rousseau, in video of the action. 

Paul Gancarz, center, with Rousseau, right, and other Patriot Front members outside American Israel Public Affairs office in NYC, Spring 2019.

While Paul was living in New York, he often bragged in the Patriot Front messaging server about how prolific he was in putting up propaganda, which he was actively involved in doing regardless of his title of Network Director. Much like his activity in Virginia, Paul’s activism in New York also clustered near where he lived. Other Patriot Front members in the chat noted that many of the banners he was bragging about hanging were done in NYC, and not other places upstate.

Several internal messages from Paul Gancarz (“Samuel NY”) boasting of his banner drops. In the last one, a Patriot Front member comments on the fact that all of Paul’s activism is in the NYC area.

The Patriot Front messages leaked by Torch Antifa capture a period between March 2019 through June 2020, while Paul was also actively involved in the Proud Boys. Much like when he defended Patriot Front as Delta Ganz in various Proud Boy Telegram channels, he also defended the Proud Boys in the Patriot Front chat. In messages from April 2019, Paul pushes back against criticism the Proud Boys are “half-pilled” by characterizing the Proud Boys founder, Gavin McInnes, as both a “raging anti-semite” and “woke to the jq.” In the context of anti-semitism and fascists, ‘the jq’ stands for “the Jewish Question.” Gavin McInnes has recorded a video titled, “10 Things I Hate About Jews,” and in other videos has said, “​​I’m becoming anti-semitic.” Anti-semitism is a major reason for Paul’s involvement in both the Proud Boys and Patriot Front.

Paul Gancarz promoted the Proud Boys in April 2019 messages to Patriot Front members. He describes the Proud Boys as “woke” and says Gavin McInnes is “woke to the [Jewish Question].”

Rise Above Movement, Will2Rise, MMA

Paul and many other Patriot Front members wear clothing and post stickers promoting the Rise Above Movement (RAM) and Will2Rise. RAM is a white nationalist gang infamous for assaults perpetrated by members at Unite the Right in Charlottesville as well as several California cities. The group was founded in Southern California by Queens, NY native, Robert Rundo, who is currently living in Serbia and is deeply involved in fascist movements throughout Eastern Europe. Although RAM is formally inactive, Rundo promotes his vision of “white nationalism 3.0” via Will2Rise and “Active Clubs.” Active Clubs combine fascist indoctrination, networking, martial arts, and propaganda posting into a lifestyle. Rundo’s vision converges with Patriot Front on many points, and his media arm (Media2Rise) promotes Patriot Front and is embedded within the group at actions.

In addition to wearing t-shirts and hoodies, Paul is very involved in supporting RAM and Will2Rise in other ways. In the Torch leaks, Paul is identified by another member as someone who “puts up more [RAM] stickers than the actual members.” In 2019, he also mentions writing letters to RAM members who were still in prison at that time. These RAM members were convicted in part for violently attacking people in Charlottesville at the Unite the Right rally in 2017. Paul was at the Unite the Right rally where these violent attacks took place. 

A Patriot Front member explaining that Paul Gancarz (“Samuel NY”) puts up lots of Rise Above Movement (RAM) stickers.
Paul Gancarz (“Samuel NY”) bragging about writing letters to the Rise Above Movement (RAM) over Memorial Day weekend 2019.

Paul also takes the martial arts training elements of Will2Rise and Active Clubs seriously. As discussed earlier, Paul was identified in Patriot Front photos from the Virginia Beach area after his picture (wearing a Will2Rise hoodie) was shared on the Active Clubs Telegram channel and researchers traced him to a BJJ tournament in Virginia Beach. There is also overlap between RAM/Will2Rise and certain segments of the Proud Boys, or the remnants of that group that have taken “Western Chauvinism” into an explicitly white nationalist direction. Paul has been involved in Proud Boy MMA events, such as at Midwest Fest in 2020, and he also posts about training frequently in the Patriot Front member chat.

Paul Gancarz attended an MMA event at the Proud Boys Midwest Fest January 2020 and also posts about MMA in the Patriot Front messaging server.

Since Paul Gancarz moved to Virginia Beach, he had enrolled at a UFC gym, yet competed under the banner of a different affiliated gym several times at Grappling Industries events, and is currently registered for an upcoming tournament in April 2022. As of this writing, Paul has set his profile to ‘Private’ and intentionally misspelled his last name in a feeble attempt to hide his identity, only further cementing his involvement in fascist activity.

As of January 25th, 2022, ASH has confirmed that Gancarz’s home gym has terminated his membership, and along with the affiliate named for competition purposes, disavowed any knowledge or support of Gancarz’s fascist activity.

Registration page for an April 2022 BJJ Tournament in Virginia Beach showing the name “Paul Goncorz” which Paul Gancarz intentionally misspelled to try and remain anonymous.
A screen capture from the same website showing the original and accurate spelling of “Gancarz.”


Paul Gancarz is from New York City and graduated with a degree in civil engineering from Manhattan College. His specialty is in industrial grouting and he has worked for all of the major engineering companies–such as Parsons Brinckerhoff, AECOM, Northeast USA @ Sovereign-Thyssen, and OHL (Judlau Construction). Gancarz is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and a member of its Grouting Technical Coordination Council.

He currently works as a Professional Engineer on the I-64 Hampton Roads Connector Partners Joint Venture (HRCPJV), which is undertaking the largest construction project in Virginia history and is widening several lanes of highway and adding tunnels. The Virginia Department of Transportation awarded the contract to the joint venture, which consists of Dragados USA, HDR, Mott MacDonald, Flatiron Constructors, Vinci Construction, and Dodin Campenon Bernard. 

The HRCPJV’s south island office, where Gancarz currently works, can be reached at 757-933-5917. Paul’s work email is [email protected].

Action Items

The following list contains contact information relating to Paul Gancarz’s employment, professional associations, residence, and martial arts academy. We urge you to contact each of them to inform them, express your concern and request that they take immediate action. Reminder that dialing *67 before the full phone number will obscure your own from any caller ID.

Sample language is as follows:

“Hello, I am contacting you as a concerned community member about Paul Gancarz, recently exposed as a violent fascist who attended Unite the Right in Charlottesville and is currently the regional director for Patriot Front, a white nationalist organization. Paul Gancarz is currently listed as a [tenant, employee, member] of your [company, organization], and I ask that you take appropriate action to remove and distance yourselves from this dangerous man, his hateful beliefs, and his harmful behavior.”

Hampton Roads Connector Partners Joint Venture (HRCPJV)

South Island office – 757-933-5917

VDOT Communications (for “public inquiries”) – 757-858.6776

Project team – [email protected]

American Society of Civil Engineers

Director, Cultural Belonging & Social Ethos

Lisa M. Black, Ph.D., Aff.M.ASCE

[email protected]

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