Meet Todd Gee, Racist Lawyer in Tennessee

Todd William Gee

Todd William Gee of Cleveland, Tennessee is, at first glance, an average member of his community. He is married with children, a deacon at the Union Grove Church of Christ, and a practicing criminal defense attorney. However, this lawyer is also a virulent racist who has a secret life pushing alt-Right propaganda on Twitter. His prolific Twitter account acts as a bridge between two reactionary segments: the core alt-Right represented by such people as Mike Enoch/Peinovich and the traditionalist Christian right. He has provided legal commentary on cases of interest and is often looked up to as an advisor along other racist lawyers such as Augustus Invictus (Archived conversations).

(content warning: uncensored slurs)

Proof of Identity:

Even though his standing in the community comes from his family ties — he graduated from a law school his father teaches at and lives on property owned by his paternal family — he constantly backbites his family and bitterly resents his parents for adopting children from Tanzania. In all the many tweets complaining about his parents’ adopted children, he refuses to ever use the word “brother”, “sister”, or “sibling” at any point, making it clear he does not consider them relatives, or even full human beings.

Besides just his personal animosity for his adopted African siblings, Todd also hates African culture and dreams of recolonizing the continent. Because of his very personal hatred toward Black people, he goes a step further than the original European colonizers and fantasizes total genocide in order to create a blank slate for white settlers.

While his family are frequent targets of his backbiting and gossiping to fellow racists, he also holds a lot of hate for his clients and has a special grudge against Drew Robinson, the local Assistant District Attorney, who he calls a “Negro-Canadian illegal”.

Todd also regularly badmouths his Black clients.

Todd also hates Black people in general.

He is also virulently homophobic.

Todd Gee hates Jewish people and mocks his father for knowing Hebrew.

Unlike some in the modern Alt-right, who have expanded their definition of white to include non-Protestants and non-Anglos, Todd is firmly entrenched in classic American white supremacy with his hatred of “White ethnics” such as the Irish, Italians, and Bosnians.

Todd openly identifies as a member of the neoreactionary movement. Among Todd’s major influences are Italian self-proclaimed “superfascist” Julius Evola and Romanian Fascist leader Corneliu Codreanu.

What should be done?

If you live in or near Cleveland, Tennessee, please share this article widely, especially to the legal community. A racist lawyer who mocks his Black clients and discloses client information could potentially be censored by the Tennessee Bar or even disbarred. ( Todd Gee should also be immediately fired from his role as deacon at the Union Grove Church of Christ due to his violent and racist behavior. He brags about menacing a Black preacher here:

Todd Gee also rents his law office space at 63 North Ocoee Street from TPC Properties. His neighbors and landlord should be aware of exactly who they are renting to. The Board of Professional Responsibility of the Supreme Court of Tennessee may also be interested in his flagrant violations of attorney-client ethics.

You can contact Todd directly by visiting his website at

Phone: (423) 464-6596 Fax: (423) 370-1863 | Email: [email protected]

If you have more information regarding Todd Gee’s racist activity, send it to torchantifa[at]riseup[dot]net.