Patriot Front’s Dustin Hamby Rages Impotently Against BLM, Antifascists

Dustin Ray Hamby, better known online as Chef Goyardee, has displayed increasingly erratic behavior in response to the continuing Antifascist campaign to expose him and stop his fascist organizing.

On May 30th Hamby spied upon a Black Lives Matter protest at the Austin Capitol and gleefully live-streamed as a protester was manhandled by cops.

But when Hamby got home, he found a message – apparently left by antifascists – on his door. He made several outraged tweets indicating a desire to “protect his home”, likely realizing the impossibility of defending against an enemy he does not know and cannot see.

He even put out a challenge to “fight Antifa” on his birthday – which he spent home alone – but antifascists do not let their enemies dictate, or even anticipate,  the time and place of battle.

With his characteristic impulsiveness and rage, Hamby filmed himself tearing down a George Floyd banner posted outside his Midtown Commons residence.

 Unfortunately for Chef Goyardee even these futile and impotent displays only result in more attention. Sources report that flyers were found around the Midtown Commons area shortly thereafter.

Additionally a large banner denouncing Dustin Ray Hamby and warning his neighbors was found posted to the nearby dog park he frequents.

While only local antifascists know for sure, it seems likely that Hamby will continue making himself a target until he publicly denounces Patriot Front and the broader fascist movement, forever leaving behind bigoted political activism and internet commentary – at the very least.